10″ Tendencie/Rosa Parks

Downcast look and the eyes of fear,
yet another day, when shaking in fear.
In the war zone yesterday and today,
a scary nightmare again used the claws.

To the body to the soul, ripping of chunks of meat,
forever hungry beast grunts,
Winner and loser is already known,
just to crutch in corner and to close eyes

Silent victims behind closed doors, carousel of violence every day again.
„You’re my girl, you’re my property!“
„You married him, you wanted it!“

„So try to listen to him, he knows best, life experienced grown man.
He means it good with you, and you think of children, stop being selfish and finally man up.“

„Always being ready is unwritten duty of matrimonial law, so why did you marry me?“
„It’s my duty to teach you to listen, do you want to leave me? What are you going to do alone?“
„Maybe for few hits and insults, you don’t want to destroy lives of yourself and your children.“
„Wear along alone without financial resources, through evil and cruel world?“

Few bruises and scratches, good make-up can fix – don’t forget to smile, the neighbor is watching.
Huge bouquets of flowers and partners hug – no-one is aware, what is hidden behind the doors.
You have to be strong now and not to give up the fight – Escape is not a solution, look through the fingers.
You had everything, everyone saw it, for good life one has to be tough…

How did it happen? How did it happen? How did it happen? I know it!

Almost every minute there is some news, worrying content spreads around the world.
Yet another theft, murder, deliquent is known in advance, everyone knows him and demand the punishment.
Romany thief – deliquent is known in advance!
Ukrainian gang – deliquent is known in advance!
Muslim terrorist – deliquent is known in advance!
Right amount of prejudice for every day.
Who actually stand for truth, essential is fun and to create high-quality information noise. In the tangle of half truths important is lost, to dominate the ignorant mass, is not a big craft.

Enemy around every corner, expect a knife from the dark corners. There is almost no place where to stab anymore and all wounds are well paid. News stands, TV news, radio and cesspit of internet. A sense of danger is a lucrative commodity and real danger pays very well. The real danger pays very well.

Normality as one of the greatest values without clear forms or content.
It’s not important to know what is normal, but who doesn’t fit into this group.

Thru entire history again and once more – drawing in urn, who became victim.
Persistent myths filled with new ones – the crowd of potential deliquents continues.
Tomorrow it is you, who will be standing on the square – exposed for show, a sign of shame.
Raised fists, stones in hands – „righteous“ crowd started to fight.
Fighting for the truth and to keep the peace – fairness on the shield, behind shield fraud.
Their fear of the different, glancing in their eyes. Who is not with us, goes against us.
Constant crowds of us and those of others, barriers of fear building again from unfamiliar. Collective guilt and closeness of circle, from which it’s impossible to raise your own voice.

We can’t see stars, because of too much light, blinded with shining neons,
which invites us to have some fun, show full of lightning dust.
We sit in silence while watching the life, that is not ours – alone and well hidden in the hall.

Paintings on the walls of the shadow theatre – touch the stars!
It’s just glittering imitation marking one of another blind paths.
Being part of the stories every day again, unable to leave the warmth of own cells.
Surrounded by the illusion of an ideal world, every next episode denotes the direction.