7″ Aliusterra/Rosa Parks

The traditional role of woman, the mother – estate of man and society,
objects of desire, prestige toys and the mothers of another generation.
But what they really want? Nobody asks, the traditions rules
But what they really want? Ask no questions – it just generates the anger
Submisive objects of society – processed by daily experience

But I want to be more than just an illusion –  not only the second one that walks in the shade
Given hand – a sign of the partnership not just as another tool of oppression,
because they think that i´m so weak

Battlefield – everyday existence
This is my – and this is your
I´m better – and I´m nicer
Comparison of goods – the price comparison

My life has this price
and my ass bit better
Measure, compare, insure, evaluate and use up to…

Transformed into objects of unified series
quality pieces – depending on fashion
trendy, cool, great, tailored
and everything can be improved after all

But what about to try to be who you feel to be?
Create your own world – according to your wishes?

You are desperately looking for help, but you find only death

Open wounds of rubber trees
Spilling blood into the rivers of Matto Grosso
A false rumors and few hundred grams of arsenic,
Dead indigene will never talk again…

Every year, hundreds of hectares of rainforests are felled,
every year, people destroy hundreds of hectares of natural vegetation
and replace them with factories, cities, dams or plantations.
Every year animals and people lose their natural enviroment.
In order to accumulation of material goods we are losing intellectual wealth.

Bodies of Tapanyunas in the shadow of giants
Hunters of native tribes, greed and lies
You will never understand the wisdom of the forest
Wooden lips will no longer speak…